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Enjoy Abruzzo - Vai Deejaai!

‘Starting from scratch’ to me means, for now, that I will keep on searching for my old content and old blogs. And finding a little piece back, that is useful and nicely, makes me ‘a happy kitten’

Two years back (already) I was on a vacation in Abruzzo. I had a lovely time over there, on the beautiful campsite Europe Garden in Silvi.

Back home in Holland, after three weeks of vacation, I wrote this review – free wifi, experienced through IT- and Communication-eyes .

The fact that the ‘Olanda-crew’ at this moment is’n anymore the same as back then, doesn’t break down the beautiful en great time we had in Abruzzo, and also doesn’t break down the story of then. Because it still is a fact; holidays (de)stress.

Enjoy Abruzzo !

Vai DeeJaaayy!!

August 18, 2012

Holidays (de)stress; the ‘terror’ of free-wifi?

We just returned from Italy, Abruzzo; holiday/vacation, sun, see, beach, beautiful country with beautiful people on a beautiful campsite. Great food and drinks and no stress… Three weeks ‘total relax’ and not having to work for a couple of weeks.
Breakfast under the sun; a quick check on, NUzakelijk and of course twitter.

Twitter, yes, because our campsite offers free-wifi. Yeah!
But on our Italian campsite the, for us Dutch so common free-wifi values, weren’t available. Free-wifi meant sloooooow wifi and we found out that, haven’t been online for a while you had to check-in again. But hey, we’re on vacation, ‘so what the hack’. So we happily twitter in a relax mode.

‘Back to 2000 IT’ quickly adepts. And it took not long for us to find out the exact wifispots for a reasonable and good receive.

“Love, please could you move a bit, because I think you’re in my wifi-reach”…
“Are you coming along? I’m ready for the beach” Heuh? “Oh yes, moment please, I sending a tweet right now, including a pic. If I walk along this path, I’ll have better reach and will be able to send it” “Damn.. stored in concepts, couldn’t send. So I’ll have to send it later on”

But very often ‘sending later on’ was going to be ‘not sending at all’. Because our free-wifi could not compete with our 2012 mobile phones, sending tweets including pictures. This was far too heavy stuff. Every now and then, one slipped through… Pfffjuuuu yeuhhhh
Holiday also means having the call, every now and then, to the elderly home front. “Love… do you have network reach??  I don’t!
I also didn’t have any reach of our normally so trustful Vodafone- network. “Ah, it will be okay tonight, for sure!” (not)

In the evening, as usual we are having a great time at the pool bar; music, entertainment and mojito’s

Our Brazilian friend Gusttavo Lima ‘Tchê tcherere tchê tchêt’ his Balada, thanks to Andrea, the enthusiastic, and molto attrativo, team leader of the campsites animation team. Who sweeps his, no lesser attrativo, buddy Jean Luca to higher DJ-skills, by shouting   “Vai DeeJaaaaay !!

Of course, all of this had to be put on picture, and so we did. And as the local cook surprised us - bar guests - around 23.00 hours, with large plates of free spaghetti Aglio e Olio, we certainly had to whatsapp all this to our friends back home. With pictures to proof it, of course.

“Hey, surprise surprise… I have wifi reach, I can app!” And whoosh, gone is the app, including spaghetti-picture. “See, it isn’t that bad at all, this camping free-wifi”

Oh let’s also make a phone call or sent a sms to the parents-home front. But that was too much asked for free-wifi. Because having reach does not mean using social media two time in a roll. Hilarious!
Tomorrow is another day… so let’s wait until then.

In the afternoon, back from the beach, chilling in the hanging mat, with a cool rosé wine, cheese and olives in hand reach, I managed to send a couple of tweets, for I had good wifi-range.

“Hey you! You’re on vacation! So start acting like it” one of my girlfriends tweeted back. What do you mean? I’m fully relaxing… me sending a couple of tweets doesn’t mean I don’t take time off… who’s counting…

In the evenings we often found ourselves inspired by all the opportunities and changes we did see for our campsite and the neighbourhood. Spontaneous all kinds of business plans, communication opportunities and, of course, IT changes came to our minds. Should we… could we…  “hey you! You’re on vacation! Start acting like it!” all of a sudden went through my mind.
Of course, vacation, holiday. But we are on holiday! We are relaxing, chilling and doing nothing! No work to do.. nothing… great time!

And we did have a great vacation, for three great weeks. Surrounded by beautiful people, in a beautiful country. We de-stressed, thanks to these beautiful people and all the beautiful and good things my Bella Italia offers.

La Dolce Vita, tutto.

While I am writing this blog, Gusttavo Lima is singing his ‘Tchê tcherere tchê tchê’ and I can hear Andrea shouting         “Vai DeeJaaaaay !!

Yes, it’s time. We have to go back to work    Vai DeeJaaaaay !!

Holiday surely de-stresses   ;-)


camping Europe Garden, Silvi, Abruzzo


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