zondag 29 juni 2014

Enjoy Abruzzo - Vai Deejaai!

‘Starting from scratch’ to me means, for now, that I will keep on searching for my old content and old blogs. And finding a little piece back, that is useful and nicely, makes me ‘a happy kitten’

Two years back (already) I was on a vacation in Abruzzo. I had a lovely time over there, on the beautiful campsite Europe Garden in Silvi.

Back home in Holland, after three weeks of vacation, I wrote this review – free wifi, experienced through IT- and Communication-eyes .

The fact that the ‘Olanda-crew’ at this moment is’n anymore the same as back then, doesn’t break down the beautiful en great time we had in Abruzzo, and also doesn’t break down the story of then. Because it still is a fact; holidays (de)stress.

Enjoy Abruzzo !

Enjoy Abruzzo - Vai Deejaai! [dutch version]

 'Starting from scratch' betekent voor mij - nu - dat ik blijf zoeken naar mijn oude content en blogs. En als ik dan weer iets moois en bruikbaars terug heb kunnen vinden, is dit dametje 'a happy kitten'

Twee jaar terug (alweer) was ik in het mooie Abruzzo. Ik heb daar een heerlijke tijd gehad, op de mooie camping Europe Garden in Silvi. 

Bij terugkomst in Nederland is deze terugblik - free-wifi door de ogen van een IT'er en een communicatieprof - door mij geschreven. 
Dat de 'Olanda-crew' op dit moment niet meer dezelfde is dan twee jaren terug, doet niets af aan de mooie tijd die we hebben gehad in Abruzzo en aan de story (van toen), want nog altijd geldt, vakantie (ont)stress(t)     ;-)

Enjoy Abruzzo !

zondag 1 juni 2014

Destinazione Toscana

Lately I ran into some old friends which I hadn’t seen for over 7 years. This due to my moving to another city.
Strange, how you can come across people at places you expect it the least.
We talked quickly and promised each other to catch up again soon, and went our separate ways.
That meeting now reminds me of that I’ll have to send them an app today, to make our ‘talk-up’ real :-)
But also, since I ran into them, of course other thoughts came up again too.
So I remembered also their love for Italy, and then especially for Tuscany. That brought back memories of me going to that lovely part of Italy.